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Thank you Propertygals! You made the entire process smooth and simple and kept on top of every aspect and detail from the beginning of the process right to the end. Your knowledge of real estate is impeccable – you answered all of our questions and addressed concerns and provided information that we didn’t even know we needed as first time sellers. We know we were not your only client and we would have never known it! You provided us with Exceptional/beyond expectation service from beginning to end, including knowing our needs and of those that were looking to buy. We would definitely recommend you to others wishing to purchase or sell a house!!

Dan and Allison Berry

We were referred to Bea by our agent from away when moving to Moncton. New to the area, Bea did all the chauffeuring about town and we found THE house, new construction and ready to move in. BUT.... and here is where experience came in! The builder had retired and the sale was being handled by an agent. All legalities were in place, and we went for the closing viewing to find the sellers agent not only did NOT turn up, but hadn’t had the construction mess cleared or was she answering calls. SHE DIDN’T FEEL LIKE IT THAT DAY! At this point, we are homeless, with our belongings in a movers van. On a FRIDAY, Bea pulled off a lawyer to lawyer phone call, got a cleaning lady in to prepare the house and had the key. so... can Bea pull the rabbit out of the hat when needed... you betcha!!!

Ken and Susan Fry

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